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Welcome to Varco Staffing

We are a national staffing firm that specializes in the placement of qualified professionals in establishments across the country. We know that success depends on much more than just filling a position. We put our skills and knowledge to use for our customers, to help them find the perfect fit.

We value our Clients

We strives to match your organization with dedicated, skilled professionals of the highest caliber. We know these are individuals that ensure the success of your organization, and there can be no compromise on quality and skills.

We listen to our clients, pay attention to the details, to ensure that our work is completed to your exact standards. From reviewing the specifics of your placement requirements to staying within your recruitment budget, we work with you to formulate creative staffing strategies to match your business needs. Our highly-trained team will handle all aspects of credentialing, background checks, drug screening, and any other onboarding procedures so that once a match is made, you can feel confident about having an employee who can fit right in and start adding value to your organization immediately!


Our process is unique and streamlined.

We are involved from the very begining and stay with you the whole way through. From job placements that fit your lifestyle and unique needs to staying with you through out the assignment to make sure things are going well and keeping tabs of upcoming contracts. We know we are in this together and strive to achieve success together. We will create long term partnerships and not just a temporary relationship.

Staffing specialties we provide

Explore the benefits of Temporary Staffing. Doesn't matter what your needs are, we got you covered:

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We can help with your long term and mission critical staffing needs.

Hear what others are saying about Varco Staffing

I think the workers looking for assignment work 24/7. I was never left in the dark as to where they were looking and the feedback was excellent. My recruiter always had my best interest in mind. If I had certain criteria, they always accommodated me.

RN, Partner

I was an agency nurse which means you have to go when called, although they try to book you ahead. Kept me in work and even got 6 month contracts at some hospitals. Great supervisors. Great compenstation and they look after their staff

Licensed Practice Nurse, Partner

Worked both local and travel assignments at a variety of facilites: Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. All the places that I was sent the co-workers were very helpful. The most enjoyable was the different floors and patients. A lot of great learning experinces,

Registered Nurse, Partner

Flexibility for working mothers includes choice in shifts and days, and a variety of work opportunities in facilities, home care and office. Along with ongoing teaching and updates monthly on current or ongoing changes and requirements of the nursing profession. The staffing personal works very hard to accommodate the nurses needs. Management is excellent in support of the staff.

LPN, Partner

Patient Care included direct contact with patients. Passing medications. Dressing changes. Etc. Teamwork including working together if a patient was going down hill. The hardest part of a job was loosing a patient and having no control when the Dr. told you the code was over. The most enjoyable part was the one on one time. Getting to know my patients and knowing I was helping them in some way physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually was the best part

LPN, Partner

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