School Districts

Varco Staffing's School Division provides services to school districts and charter schools nationwide. Our pool of candidates include Speech Language Pathologists, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Therapy Assistants, Diagnosticians, Audiologists, Behavior Therapists, ECI, and Nurses.

We understand the complexities of school districts and unique challenges that go along with serving your community’s youth.

To assist school districts of all sizes, we offer the following service options:

  • Contract Full-Time (contracts that span the entire school year – no headaches or questions if your needs will be covered)
  • Contract Part-Time (contracts that could span the entire school year – these are usually the therapists that can help you a few consistent days a week but cannot work a 40 hour per week schedule)
  • Maternity or Medical Leave Coverage (full or part time contracts to cover while your Therapists are out on leave)
  • Temp-to-Permanent (if you want to hire a candidate after they have proven their skills, you have the option to hire that candidate permanently)
  • Direct Placement (Accountable Therapy will present pre-screened and qualified candidates for consideration by your organization)

Contact Us

Our dedicated school team can be reached at 713-581-9190