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Type of Recruiting

Companies turn to Varco Staffing Solutions when they’re seeking flexibility. We’re able to fill work force gaps, find new employees, and assist in staff transitioning. Clients use our services to:

  • Fill in for absent employees or temporary vacancies
  • Provide extra support during peak seasons
  • Staff special short-term projects
  • Find quality, full-time employees

We specialize in several staffing solutions designed to help your new hire process, optimize employee performance, and manage your bottom line. These include:

  • Temporary/Contract Staffing – Contract or temporary hires provide flexibility to your company’s needs whether it’s to help on a short-term project, fill vacancies and unexpected leaves of absence, or supplement core staff.
  • Temp/Contract-to-Hire – Contract-to-hire staffing, our most popular solution, offers a flexible approach to managing your staff while allowing you to decrease overhead costs. Companies use contract-to-hire for different reasons. Whether it’s because you want a trial period before fully committing to a candidate, you’re unsure of your hiring budget, or because the workload is variable, contract-to-hire allows you and the candidate a window to understand how they work and fit into your organization.
  • Direct Placement – Many of our clients turn to direct placement in order to replace or add key personnel, as well as increase staff for projected growth. Our direct placement process takes full control of recruiting and screening candidates so you can focus on your business.

We will meet with you in order to outline the full scope of responsibilities of the positions and determine which recruiting and selection process to use. Our decades of marketplace knowledge and our high level of client service separate us from other companies and give us the ability to find the talent you need.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Today’s challenging economy requires companies to focus on their core business objectives and to carefully manage the bottom line. A corporation’s workforce is both its greatest asset and one of its largest expenses. Employment costs such as insurance, healthcare, taxes, workers compensation, and benefits are soaring. At the same time, companies are under great pressure to do more with less. In order to compete in today’s economy companies need to perform faster, better and more cost effectively. The greatest impact a corporation can make in achieving this efficient business model is by making strategic hiring decisions. Utilizing temporary labor when making these strategic hiring decisions provides the most beneficial opportunity to maximize efficiencies in labor costs.

Mitigate Rising Costs

Healthcare costs, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, Social Security and other staffing costs continue to rise each year. Varco Staffing can help:

  • Provide workers for special projects and peak workloads without increasing your fixed payroll costs.
  • Eliminate the cost of training new employees
  • Eliminate overtime labor costs.
  • Eliminate the burden and cost of hiring from your Human Resources Department.
  • Avoid paying the permanent costs of insurance coverages and premiums.
  • Avoid paying the permanent costs of benefits.
  • Avoid unemployment claims.
  • Eliminate payroll taxes and filings
  • Avoid assuming the costs associated with worker’s compensation
  • Eliminate the cost of time reporting and payroll processing.

Varco Staffing is an extension of your Human Resources Department

Reduce Risks

Absenteeism and employees whose skills do not match a particular job leads to wasted time and effort. Varco Staffing can help by:

  • Providing pre-screened candidates who best match your job requirements.
  • Offering temporary-to-hire options.
  • Having a pool of available resources with a proven track record.

Saves Time

Services provided by Varco Staffing enable you to save time in several ways:

  • Varco Staffing advertises, utilizes job boards, networks, recruits, screens interviews, performs tests and reference checks to attract great fitting candidates.
  • Less training is necessary because we communicate with your company to determine exactly what your needs are through pre-employment screening for specific job skills and interviews.

Increase Flexibility

Varco Staffing provides you flexibility by:

  • Providing skilled employees to meet your fluctuating demands
  • Providing temporary workers when increasing the permanent headcount is not an option.
  • Letting your permanent employees focus on primary objectives while Varco Staffing employees focus on support functions.

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